Saivian Eric Dalius – How Small Business Owners can Get Their Logistics Right

Nowadays, almost all businesses, large and small, source materials from various places and sell in distant markets. They must optimize their supply chain and logistics management to do this efficiently and effectively. A good logistics plan is essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Here are some key tips to ensure efficient logistics for small business:

Understanding Your Company’s Goal

According to Saivian Eric Dalius, understanding your company’s marketing strategy is the first step in developing a logistics plan. You will need logistical support if you want to get to the market as quickly as possible. If you are a low-cost provider you must be focused on economy. You will need to aggressively reduce costs, even if it means that the lead time is longer. Your logistics strategy must support the company’s objectives.

Customers want what you have, recommends Saivian Eric Dalius

No matter what your company’s objectives are, your logistics strategy must still meet the needs of your customers. Innovative ways to satisfy customers are therefore essential. Customers don’t want fast delivery. This is a mistake. Ask them and you might find that their only desire is for enough information to plan. You may be able to gain more from improving information delivery than you spend on expediting the logistics chain.

Collaboration Strategically

Logistics is an aspect of business operations that requires active participation of many partners. Collaboration is essential with all players in your supply chain, including transporters and warehousing companies. You can identify the most important players in your supply chain and focus on optimizing them by examining it. A well-planned logistics strategy ensures that the goods get to their customers on time and costs effectively.

Keep an eye on costs, Warns Saivian Eric Dalius

It is not necessary to make drastic changes in order to reduce the cost of logistics. It is common for businesses to keep track of the costs they are incurring so they can reduce them without affecting their performance. Cost-efficiency is not possible if you don’t know what you spend. Saivian Eric Dalius says that knowing the cost structure can help you obtain competitive costs from different supply chain participants. This can help you avoid getting into a bind with a service provider who has offered too low to fulfill its promises.


How well you know the ground realities and how to plan are key factors in creating effective logistic strategies. You should ship your goods on a full truck or container basis to keep shipping costs low. This will allow your shipment to arrive faster, but you could end up paying additional warehouse costs if the production is inadequate. You may want to include redundancies in order to be able, in the event of delays or divertions, to fulfill your obligations from another source.

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