Share the most accurate way to play green Xoc Dia

Currently, the demand for playing Xoc Dia is increasing. Therefore, many online casinos have also organized playing Xoc Dia online. To successfully play this game, it is best for players to equip themselves with appropriate experience and playing methods. Down here Niw88 Will introduce to everyoneHow to play nine green Xoc Dia effective.

What is the way to play nine green Xoc Dia?

Xoc Dia is a type of game with high risk. When participating in this game, you often play based on your emotions without any basis to be able to give accurate analysis and results. Long-time players will often have many forms and ways of playing green-nine coin toss, to find ways to win when playing coin toss as follows:

  • Big players will often have a huge amount of capital. Usually, they will risk a lot of money, play a few risky games and win big. If they lose, they will accept defeat or even lose everything.
  • When we lose a lot of games in a row, we often want to “go all the way back to shore”. Because after losing too much, it will lead to loss of temper and bitterness, the desire to win leads to wanting to play big. Want to take it all to win big and be able to return to shore as quickly as possible. However, you do not consider and analyze the situation carefully and are no longer alert enough to bet. When you put all your effort into a risky, unlucky bet, it is an extremely dangerous thing and can easily cause you to lose all the money you have.
  • Often new players who do not have much experience, when they want to try their luck with this game, will place a random bet to try their luck or catch a miscellaneous bet with the hope of winning.
  • According to experts, players who play the green Xoc Dia game are usually players who do not have much technique and mostly rely on luck. This is an ineffective way to play, because it has no basis and once you have bad luck, it will be easy for the player to lose all their money.
  • There are some Xoc Dia players who often bet small amounts of money and will follow players who are having luck, to follow along and make money.

How to play green Xoc Dia from an expert

Normally when playing Xoc Dia, players will choose to bet on 1 of 4 main bets as follows:

  • Place the door evenly
  • Place odd doors
  • Set the Over bet
  • Bet on Under

How to play Xoc Dia green nine when betting on even numbers, that is, the player will bet on two white numbers or 4 red numbers. If the returned result is both 4 white or 4 red, then congratulations on winning this game and earning yourself a bonus with a ratio of 1 to 12.

In case we bet on odd numbers, we can bet on 3 red or 3 white, then the odds of losing will be much lower.

Unlike playing Xoc Dia, which only relies on luck, long-time players of Xoc Dia often have many special strategies to increase their odds of winning. Although this way of playing does not bring big wins, its advantage is high efficiency and extremely low risk.

Strategy to beat Xoc Dia green nine

Some strategies to play Xoc Dia that you should apply when playing Xoc Dia at online casinos are as follows:

  • Double bet: If you have a large amount of capital to follow, then no matter how many games you lose and just win the last game, you are still guaranteed to make a profit.
  • Prediction: You need to analyze the results of previous bets to be able to recognize the rules and make the correct choice for the next game.
  • Catching positions: Instead of choosing to bet on even and odd numbers, players will often have ways to catch positions with higher odds such as Red Bet, White 4 Bet, Red 3 Bet and White 3 Bet.
  • Taste: Based on the sound of the shock to be able to accurately guess the positions of that bet.

Learn how to hit the nine green discs

The traditional green Xoc Dia in real life is considered by experts to be less outstanding and less attractive than the online Xoc Dia game. The rules of the game as well as the nature of reality between real life and online will be completely different.
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You can choose to try betting on one of the following 4 doors to increase your odds of winning:

  • Odd number: ie 3 red + 1 white or 1 red + 3 white
  • Even door: ie 4 red, 4 white, or 2 red 2 white
  • Cash: i.e. 4 red or 3 red +1 white
  • Translucent door: i.e. 4 white or 3 white + 1 red.


How to hit the nine-green disc is one of the things players want to learn the most. As long as you apply it correctly, you will win a lot when playing this game. Hopefully the above information will help you when participating in this game.

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