10 Best Spanish Learning Apps

On average, we spend $30 an hour on each lesson. To be able to speak Spanish fluently, you’ll need to spend between 8-12 months studying for each hour. It is a significant amount of money. We can help you save money. First, it is easy to learn a language nowadays. There are many apps available for learning languages. Some are free, while others cost money.

Apps can be useful if they are used as a supplement method. However, if you need one-on-one tutoring and a lesson plan that is tailored to your needs, French Teachers by AmazingTalker could be the right choice. You can also find English tutors.

#1. Apps Offering General Courses

You can also find general courses on apps. You can find them here:


Pimsleur, one of the most popular apps, offers the first lesson free. Audio courses are also available. This is a way to improve your conversation skills. They will first let you listen to a brief dialogue. Then you will learn the lessons.


Babbel is a leader in the adult language learning industry. It’s very simple to use. It will help you start your language learning journey. It can be used for both Android and IOS.


Italki is affordable and flexible for students or clients. They can help you find language tutors at a reasonable price. This is a great place to find a tutor in your language. Your courses will be customized.

#2. Apps for Reading and Listening

We will now learn about some apps that allow us to practice listening and reading. These include:


This app is very useful and you can see listening and reading material to help you practice. The cost of a subscription is $12.99 per monthly. Users add the majority of their contents. You have many options to choose from.


It’s a reading-based application. You can also use the karaoke function to hear the text being read by native Spanish speakers. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is also free.


This app is designed for listening practice. This is my favorite Spanish language learning app. There is a lot Spanish audio that you can listen to for listening practice. You can also personalize your language learning courses. The app will give you 20 minutes of audio lessons for free.

#3. Apps for Writing and Speaking Practices

These apps will allow you to practice writing and speaking. These apps include:


It’s perfect for speaking practice. This will allow you to improve your Spanish fluency. Flashcards are available, as well as speaking practice. There are many levels and categories available, from beginner to expert. There are also three modes. It is completely free.


Italki is affordable and flexible for students or clients. They can help you find language tutors at a reasonable price. This is a great place to find a tutor in language learning. These tutors will help you improve your listening and speaking skills.

#4. Use Flash Card Apps to Learn New Words

Flashcards are a great way to learn new words.


All their lessons are provided to native Spanish speakers. It can adapt to your style of learning language. Flashcards are also available to help you learn new words. Flashcards will show you a Spanish phrase, word, or sentence. It’s supported on both iOS and Android.


It’s free and powerful, and it is also available as an app for learning Spanish. They offer flash cards that help us learn new words and provide flashcards. They can help you learn Spanish quickly and easily.


SpanishDict functions as a translator. It is extremely useful for English speakers. It’s a mobile app that is available on both iOS AND Android. It is completely free.


We will now discuss some language exchange apps. These include:


It allows you to learn as you like. This is for iPad only. It is very well designed. It’s a great app.


HelloTalk is an amazing and very useful app. It’s completely free. It will allow you to communicate with native Spanish speakers and exchange languages.


I hope you find the information useful in learning Spanish. These apps will allow you to practice and learn Spanish. AmazingTalker is a great way to learn Spanish with tutors. Our 1v1 lessons are very affordable.

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