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5 Future Technologies You Should Invest in

Many companies speak about innovation. But they’re actually looking at creative ways to meet the challenges. The visionary strategic futurist takes a radical look at the future, and adapts to the possibilities even though they are still in the future. They create change, not react to it. Their companies are able to see the future in advance. Here are some future technologies that are already making an impact.

Artificial Intelligence

No doubt you have already used smart assistants like Google Assistant. Since the Covid pandemic lockdown, it has been a popular trend to use only voice to interact in the environment. Many people prefer to keep their hands free, even though restrictions in many countries are being relaxed.

Smart assistants can do almost everything that you can on your phone. You can send text messages, make bookings, order food and check the stock price. Multitasking will be easier with the interactive technology of artificial Intelligence.

Customer support services use chatbots to helpdesk. Chatbots are available 24 hours a day and can answer 80% of customer questions.

AI is showing its worth in data analytics and predictive recommendations. AI is constantly learning and can provide customers with personalized products or services.

Face recognition is used by law enforcement, marketers and Facebook in airports. Banks use machine learning models to flag suspicious transactions.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology goes beyond bitcoins. Blockchain technology is used to keep digital records. It is both impervious and transparent, making it virtually impossible for anyone to alter them. It is therefore extremely useful in financial fields.

Blockchain technology lets you keep your data in control, rather than having it stored on a third party’s server. It’s like a flash drive that you insert into your computer to access the internet. Once you are done, you can remove it from your computer. This ensures that advertisers cannot sell your personal searches. You can control which ads you see with blockchain. The Basic Attention Token (BAT), which allows anyone who sees ads, to participate in the advertising company’s spending.

Health Technology

Artificial intelligence and health technology can be combined to remind patients to take their medication, make personalized dosage recommendations, and identify any health issues or interventions that are needed.

In 2018, twenty percent of customers used voice search to find health information. Marketers must capitalize on this trend by creating landing pages and campaign optimized for voice search. Health marketers need to adapt to the fact that many searches are localized.

Healthcare is increasingly virtual and virtual reality is emerging as a viable option.

Women who wish to manage their fertility and menstrual cycles can already use personalized mobile apps. You can also use apps to monitor your exercise and diet.

3-D Printing Technology

The 3-D printing technology transforms digital three-dimensional models into tangible goods. This allows standardization. One prediction predicts that the 3-D printing industry will reach $37.2 billion by 2026.

The benefits of 3-D printing are far greater than the relatively low costs. This technology could eventually replace large production areas and expensive equipment with a simpler production process. Customers will be impressed by high-quality outputs. Customers will be impressed by the quality of the final product. It will also cost less and be produced more quickly. This will increase sales and income. The best way for businesses to be strategic futurists is through 3-D printing technology.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows you to believe that you are in another reality, while still being in the real world. Virtual reality provides visuals and sound to make this possible. This technology can be used in a variety of ways. Virtual reality has been used to train employees on how to deal with life-threatening situations and emergency exit procedures. The training helps employees to manage themselves in potentially dangerous situations, without putting them in danger. To teach staff how to build products, 3-D virtual reality was used. A fun way to increase team collaboration is through digital communication.

Augmented reality is a way to see the world in a virtual setting. One can see what clothing looks like without having to get dressed. You can move furniture around in a room to find the best place for it.

Augmented reality is a tool that allows workers to see what they can do to solve complex problems. It overlays a design onto the part they are working on. It can be used to inspect buildings or manipulate large-scale projects. It can be used for sharing 3D models online with other team members.

Any business can think of the possibilities of futuristic technology to help them become leaders instead of followers.

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