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Achieve Versatile Lighting Control with Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP Dimmable LED Driver

In the world of outdoor lighting, the ability to control and adjust lighting levels is crucial for creating the desired ambiance, enhancing energy efficiency, and improving user experience. Done Power, a leading provider of LED lighting solutions, introduces the DL-105W-MAP dimmable LED driver, specially developed for the European market. With its constant and adjustable power output, this dimmable driver offers versatile lighting control options, enabling businesses to achieve energy-efficient LED lighting anytime.

Constant and Adjustable Power Output

The DL-105W-MAP dimmable LED driver by Done Power offers both constant and adjustable power output options, providing versatile lighting control capabilities. This driver enables users to maintain a consistent light output when desired, ensuring uniform illumination for outdoor spaces. Additionally, the adjustable power output feature allows users to dim or brighten the lights according to specific requirements, creating the desired ambiance and enhancing energy efficiency. With the DL-105W-MAP, businesses have full control over their outdoor lighting installations.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable LED driver is designed for seamless integration and compatibility with a wide range of LED lighting fixtures. Whether it’s street lighting, landscape lighting, or architectural illumination, this dimmable driver can be easily incorporated into various outdoor lighting applications. The driver’s compatibility ensures a hassle-free installation process and enables businesses to upgrade their existing lighting systems with ease, providing enhanced lighting control and flexibility.


Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable LED driver offers businesses the ability to achieve versatile lighting control in their outdoor lighting applications. With its constant and adjustable power output options, this driver allows businesses to maintain consistent illumination or adjust lighting levels to create the desired ambiance. The DL-105W-MAP also promotes energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Done Power continues to innovate in LED lighting technology, empowering businesses to create efficient, sustainable, and customizable outdoor lighting solutions. By choosing the DL-105W-MAP dimmable LED driver, businesses can unlock the full potential of their outdoor lighting systems and enhance the overall lighting experience.

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