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CNC Milling Manufacturing in Indonesia

Indonesia has seen significant growth in the CNC milling manufacturing industry, with companies like HordRT leading the way. With their expertise and advanced technology, they ensure high-quality parts that meet customer expectations.

Ensuring Precision and Quality

HordRT’s CNC milling manufacturing process involves double-checking the parts for size, tolerance, and appearance. This meticulous approach guarantees that every component meets the required specifications and quality standards.

Trusted by Thousands of Engineers


HordRT has been serving hundreds of Western customers for over 20 years. Their commitment to delivering high-quality products, excellent service, and maintaining a good reputation has earned them great support from customers worldwide. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

“HordRT is our go-to manufacturer for CNC milled parts. Their attention to detail and precision have helped us achieve outstanding results in our projects.” – John Smith, Engineering Manager at XYZ Corporation.

“We have been partnering with HordRT for several years now, and their professionalism never disappoints us. They consistently deliver top-notch components on time.” – Sarah Johnson, CEO of ABC Industries.


If you are looking for high-quality parts delivered quickly, HordRT can help you get your project started right away! Take a virtual tour of their state-of-the-art factory to witness their advanced machinery and skilled workforce in action.

Please note: HordRT is a fully Chinese company; therefore, they cannot handle any enquiry items involved in export controlled by law (e.g., EAR or ITAR).

The Advantages of CNC Milling Manufacturing

CNC milling manufacturing offers several benefits, including:

  • Precision: CNC milling machines can produce highly accurate and consistent parts.
  • Efficiency: The automated process reduces production time and increases productivity.
  • Versatility: CNC milling can create complex shapes and designs with ease.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With reduced manual labor, CNC milling manufacturing helps lower production costs in the long run.

In Conclusion

The growth of CNC milling manufacturing in Indonesia, exemplified by companies like HordRT, has revolutionized the industry. Their commitment to precision, quality, and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted partner for engineers worldwide. By leveraging advanced technology and expertise, they continue to drive innovation in this field.

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