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DNL’s 60mm Jockey Wheel: Simplicity and Strength for Trailer Support

Trailer Jacks are a critical component in ensuring the stability and safety of trailers during loading, unloading, and parking operations. DNL, a reputable brand, introduces its innovative 60mm jockey wheel, which offers simplicity and strength in providing reliable trailer support. Let’s delve into the features and advantages that set DNL’s jockey wheel apart in terms of stability and versatility.

DNL’s 60mm Jockey Wheel: Simple but Strong Bracket Design

DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel stands out with its simple yet robust bracket design. The focus on product design and engineering excellence is evident in this jockey wheel. The bracket’s simplicity allows for easy installation and operation while maintaining exceptional strength and durability. With DNL’s jockey wheel, customers can have confidence in its ability to provide reliable and long-lasting support for their trailers.

Enhanced Stability with DNL’s Tri-corn Rim Jockey Wheel

DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel incorporates a unique feature known as the tri-corn rim, which significantly enhances stability. The tri-corn rim provides a secure support base for trailers, preventing sinking into soft surfaces and maintaining stability on uneven terrain. This feature is particularly beneficial for trailers operating in challenging environments or on construction sites.


DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel stands out as a reliable and robust solution for trailer support. Its simple yet strong bracket design, coupled with the innovative tri-corn rim feature, ensures enhanced stability and secure support for trailers. With DNL’s jockey wheel, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their trailers are well-supported and protected from tipping and instability. Choose DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel for its simplicity, strength, and versatility, and elevate the stability and safety of your trailers in your  operations.

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