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Tecloman Revolutionizes Renewable Energy with C&I PV + Battery Energy Storage System

Tecloman, a leading innovator in renewable energy solutions, has introduced its groundbreaking C&I PV Battery Energy Storage System. Designed specifically for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, this advanced system integrates solar PV and battery storage technologies. Tecloman’s PV Storage Battery represents a significant leap forward in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Prioritizing “Self-Use First” and Reducing PV Curtailment

Tecloman’s PV Storage Battery system addresses the challenge of maximizing the utilization of generated solar energy. By seamlessly integrating solar PV and battery storage technologies, the system efficiently improves the ratio of “self-use first” of PV energy. This means that businesses can prioritize the consumption of their own solar energy, reducing their reliance on grid-supplied electricity.

Enabling Direct PV Grid-Connection

One significant advantage of Tecloman’s PV Storage Battery system is its ability to achieve direct PV grid connection. This allows businesses to connect their solar PV system directly to the grid, avoiding the need for additional conversion processes. Direct PV grid connection reduces energy losses and operational complexity, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

Configurable Electric Quantity for Tailored Energy Needs

Tecloman understands that each business has unique energy requirements. To address this, the PV Storage Battery system offers configurable electric quantity, allowing businesses to customize their energy storage capacity based on their specific needs. Whether it involves accommodating peak load demands, implementing load-shifting strategies, or optimizing energy consumption patterns, the system can adjust accordingly.


Businesses may take a huge step toward a greener and more efficient future with Tecloman’s PV Storage Battery solution.

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