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Upgrade Your Construction Projects with GETO’s Self-Climbing Scaffold System

GETO‘s self-climbing scaffold system is a cutting-edge solution that brings efficiency, safety, and convenience to high-rise construction projects. With its innovative technology and robust design, the self-climbing scaffold system offers a comprehensive range of benefits for businesses in the construction industry.

Self-Climbing Platform – An Elevated Solution for High-Rise Buildings

The GT-18 self-climbing platform system provided by GETO is a breakthrough in scaffolding technology. Designed specifically for high-rise buildings, this system offers a efficient approach to construction projects. By eliminating the need for manual repositioning, it saves time and enhances productivity. The hydraulic lifting system ensures smooth and controlled platform ascent, providing a stable working environment for workers at elevated heights.

Self-Climbing Safety Screen – Advanced Protection for High-Rise Structures

With the self-climbing safety screen, GETO offers a new level of safety for construction sites. This device attaches to the structure and can be easily lifted using the hydraulic system. It provides reliable peripheral protection for workers during the construction process of high-rise structures. By minimizing the risk of falls and accidents, this safety screen enhances worker confidence and project efficiency.

Protection Platform for Prefabricated Building – Easy, Convenient, and Safe GETO’s self-climbing scaffold system also caters to prefabricated construction projects. The protection platform is designed to be easy to operate, convenient for assembly and transportation, and above all, safe. It provides a stable working platform for workers involved in prefabrication, ensuring efficient workflow and timely project completion. Its versatility and adaptability make it an ideal choice for a wide range of construction projects.


Incorporating GETO’s self-climbing scaffold system into your construction projects can change the way you work. With its technologically advanced features, such as self-climbing platforms, safety screens, and protection platforms, this system ensures enhanced productivity, worker safety, and project efficiency. Embrace the future of scaffolding with GETO and unlock the full potential of your business.

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