Top 4 Northern Lottery Experiences You Should Pocket

What is Northern Lottery? What is attractive about that subject? What is its playing experience? Let’s follow alongBookmaker  New88today Find the answer in the article below.

What is understood as Northern lottery?

Northern lottery is a concept that refers to a betting game in which you will have to predict daily lottery results, in which you will predict the last 2 or 3 numbers of the special prize called guessing the lottery, guessing the last 2 or 3 numbers of all 27 prizes is called lottery guessing.

When participating in the game, you must comply with the lottery rules and enjoy the prize money if you win according to the lottery table given from the beginning. Lottery playing is most popular in the North compared to the South and Central regions.

You can easily come across a lottery address on the street, at bookies in the Northern region, while in the Central and Southern regions there are mainly lottery ticket agents.

What’s special about playing Northern lottery?

Hitting methodNorthern lottery Easy to win is also quite simple: Daily Northern Lottery will have a total of 27 prizes from the special prize to the 7th prize.

  • How to play the Northern lottery: The lottery here is the last 2 numbers in the special prize of the Northern lottery results.
  • According to the way of playing XSMB as above, if you predict 2 numbers that match the last 2 numbers of the special prize result, you will win. Then the odds of winning according to the lottery will usually be 1 to 80, some bookies will have higher odds. For example, if you bet 1,000 VND with the number 88, the special prize result has a sequence of 5 numbers 13688, you will win 88 and receive an amount of 80,000 VND.

Super good experience playing Northern lottery

When participating in any entertainment sport, the first thing you need to understand is the rules and regulations of the game. In addition, to increase your winning rate, you also need to learn some playing experiences from other players. Below are the bookmaker’s top 4 tips for playing Northern lottery New88 has been collected, please refer to it immediately.

Northern lottery strategy is based on special prizes

Standing in first place in the top 4 ways to play XSMB at bookmaker  New88, we want to introduce to you the strategy of playing based on the results of the special prize. The special prize is always an extremely important data for you to analyze and get for yourself the most beautiful and accurate set of numbers.

For example: the XSMB results on March 14 show 18915, then the next day you will bet on the pair 15 – 51.

Northern lottery strategy relies on memory

In the next position in the top 4 Northern lottery playing strategies of bookmaker  New88, we want to share with all of you that is how to play based on memory. Lottery prediction is a concept that is very familiar to most Northern bettors.

Each brother’s memory card will be different because it will be based on the arithmetic intuition and number-fixing experience that he has accumulated. Memory card is one of the most effective lottery playing technologies in the North.

Northern lottery strategy is based on prize 7

The 3rd position in the top 4 Northern lottery playing methods  New88 wants to provide to you is the strategy of playing based on the results of prize 7. Below are a few familiar number matching tips based on the results. of prize 7 that you can consider:

  • Match the lot endings of prize 7
  • Match the lottery numbers of prize 7
  • If you observe that the head 7.1 and the tail 7.4 are the same, you can match it with the head and tail of the GDB to determine the number of white lottery numbers to bet on during the day or raise for 2-3 days.

Northern lottery strategy is based on silent lottery

Standing in last place and also considered the most effective method when participating in playing the Northern lottery, the bookmaker  New88 would like to introduce to you is the way to play based on silent lotteries. You will rely on the following questions to play effectively;
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  • Which head and tail will return the most?
  • Which head and ass come back widely and continuously?
  • Which head and ass will not return this time?
  • What is the beginning and the end that has caused many consecutive periods to not return?


Hopefully with the house information New88 The information we provide in the article above will provide you with a useful source of information. Please leave in the comment section below the article if you still have questions about Northern lottery, we are ready to help answer.

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