What is the Jackpot Rewards Game? Rules and How to Play Jackpot

Exploding the jackpot to win prizes is probably a name that many gamers love and mention often. Recently, more and more new people are participating in this game because of its simplicity and ease of understanding. Today New88 đăng nhập will quickly guide the rookies on how to play, the rules and terms related to the pot hunting game.

General information about the prize-winning jackpot game

Slot game, also known as Slot game, is a highly entertaining game of chance, and the gameplay and rules are simple and easy to understand. This game is suitable for those who like to play for fun or often go on business trips because it does not require them to think too much. You just need to place a bet and press the spin button, then you will immediately have the opportunity to win the pot.

Prize-winning jackpots are often invested in high-quality interface, images and sound. Because this genre mainly conveys the meaning of the game’s theme through images. This has also contributed to bringing the game closer to the gaming community.

The prize hunting game is also suitable for the vast majority of players of all ages and genders. For gamers who are not too fond of card games, Live casino is too stressful, then exploding pots to hunt for money is a priority choice.

The point that makes this jackpot game impressive and attracts a large number of players is the Jackpot bonus. Slot game mechanism: after accumulating enough bonus money, the pot will explode. At this time, those who are participating in the betting round will receive x bonus amount along with the pot exploding amount. On average, each player can receive up to several hundred million.

How to play and commonly used terms of the prize-winning jackpot game

Next New88 will guide you how to play and the rules of this slot game. These are two important things to understand to help you quickly become a “god of exploding jars”.

Instructions on how to play the game to exchange prizes

Slot games usually have 3 to 5 vertical rows, combined with 3 to 5 horizontal rows. In addition, this game also has a Pyramid format with 6 horizontal rows.

You will be rewarded when you sign symbols that appear in the same horizontal or vertical row according to the game’s rules. If special symbols appear in the game, you will receive additional free spins or have your bonus multiplied by up to 10 times.

Each symbol in each jackpot game will have a different value. Therefore, you need to read through the scoring method provided at the game interface to understand in more detail.

How to participate directly in the pot hunting game is as follows:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account or favorite game portal.
  • Step 2: In the game lobby, click to search for the Jackpot genre -> Choose any favorite game and click to join.
  • Step 3: At the game interface, you choose the desired bet level → Press the Spin button to participate in the pot hunting game.

Terminology used in the game of exploding jackpots and exchanging prizes

Below are some of the most commonly used words in slot games. You can briefly refer to them to better understand these words.
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  • Bet: The amount you want to bet in one spin.
  • Wild: Can replace all the meanings of the remaining boxes, except Scatter, Bonus and some other special boxes.
  • Scatter: If you win 3 or more Scatters, you have the opportunity to receive a bonus round, freespin or choose a bonus.
  • Bonus: Function boxes bring new mini games or gifts and bonuses are multiplied.
  • Freespin: Free spins you get when you spin a Scatter or Bonus.
  • Jackpot: Exploding the pot, the player with the highest result will be counted and receive money from the Jackpot. The amount received will be calculated according to your bet amount.

How to identify game portals that provide reputable jackpots and prizes

To be able to experience high-quality, safe and reputable slot games, you need to find a game portal that meets the best standards. Next, New88 will suggest you how to identify game portals that meet the above standards.

  • The game portal has a good name in the market, operating for 2 years or more.
  • Has enough operating licenses and is issued by reputable organizations.
  • Has a large community of players and maintains a stable number of players.
  • Personal information security is good, the prize pool has a professional customer service team, possessing high professional knowledge.


New88 has fully shared information about exploding jackpots to redeem prizes for fellow bettors. New88 is proud to be a playground with more than 5 years of experience, in the top 10 most prestigious game portals in the Vietnamese market, and has a full operating license issued from a specialized organization. Hopefully through this article you will understand the game betterexplode and has the most standard playground options.

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