Rolled Chicken Scales – Unique and Rarest Characteristics of Chicken Scales 2024

In fact, many cockfighters are curious about whether fried chicken scales are really good or not? Because in reality, there are many people who criticize these scales, but there are also cockmasters who praise them wholeheartedly. Therefore, in the following cockfighting section of MB66, we will reveal all the characteristics and properties of this rare chicken scale breed.
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Learn briefly about rolled chicken scales

The rolled scales are a special type of fighting cock scales, in which the domestic and foreign rows are opposite and stick together on the outside. Evaluating the quality of rolled fighting cocks requires cockfighting players to have an understanding of the exact location of the scales.

When rolled chicken scales lying on the spur, this is often a sign of a bad cock and a high chance of losing when participating in the fight. On the contrary, if the chicken has 3 scales near the knees (also known as diaphragm scales), it is a quality scale and often symbolizes a fighting chicken with a high ability to win. 

However, note that if the chicken has 4 or more scales, you absolutely should not use it to participate in cockfighting. Because they are a breed of chicken that has a rather poor fighting style and does not have the strength to participate in a long-term cockfight. For this reason, many veteran cockfighters often avoid them in competitions. 

Characteristics of rolled chicken scales you need to know

Normally, the scales of the handle will be divided into two main types: the scales on the spur and the scales on the diaphragm. Please read the following content of MB66 for the characteristics of each type of scale. 

Scales on the spur

Scales located directly on the spur are a rare phenomenon. Normally, this type of scale will be placed above or below the chicken’s spur. However, these scales are also divided into two types: good and bad. Therefore, you need to determine the exact location to see if the chicken is a rooster or not.

If the cock’s scales are on the spur, this is often a sign of a cock with the ability to fight very well. Even if you are lucky, your cock can be classified as a rooster. On the contrary, if the scales are located below the spur, this is a bad type of chicken, capable of fighting low and difficult to win the fight.

The rolling scales located close together at the level of the spur are a special type of scales in the rolling scales on the spur. This is a highly rated cock, has excellent winning ability and is worth your investment.

Chicken scales wrapped around the handle

Scales hanging from the diaphragm are often a sign of a cock with excellent fighting ability. However, to accurately assess a chicken’s fighting ability, you need to observe the specific position of the scales on the spur.

Basically, the scale of the handle is similar to the scale of the handle right at the spur. The main difference is that this type of scales wraps from the wall to the sarcophagus and their shape often becomes smaller as they get closer to the sarcophagus.
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If the diaphragm scales are placed just above the spur, this is usually a sign of a horizontal fighting cock. Meanwhile, if the scales are located right at the spur, they are usually chickens with neck fighting techniques. If the chicken has an additional “armor skewer” in the sarcophagus, under the spur, this is a type of cock that fights well in many different fighting positions.

Are chicken scales wrapped in diaphragm really good?

The scales of the diaphragm are highly appreciated when they are located about 3 or more scales away from the knee. This type of scale shows that the cock possesses many poisonous kicks and often has a high chance of winning. 

If the chicken’s scales are above the spur, there are 3 or 4 scales and under the spur there are “lunar evil” scales. This is considered a chicken with strong, flexible kicks and often fights fiercely in battle. However, to evaluate whether the scales are good or bad, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Scales, dots or spots on the chicken body follow the principle: Red eats black, black eats green, green eats light, light eats half-tone.
  • The fighting cock’s toes should be positioned with the head facing forward and the base facing back to show flexibility and good fighting technique.
  • The number of scales on a chicken’s leg needs to be 14 or more to be classified as a breed of chicken with rare scales and a poisonous attack.
  • If the scales and good scales are on the left leg, this is also a sign of a good fighting cock. Usually, they will win against chickens with scales on their right legs.
  • If the scales are located parallel to or below the spurs, cocks with this characteristic are often considered to have less flexible, slow kicks and are difficult to train to become talented.

The above content is all the information about rolled chicken scales that you are looking for. Hopefully through the cockfighting section of MB66 will help you better understand the characteristics and fighting style of roosters so that you can make the correct choices when bringing fighting cocks to the arena. 

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